Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yeuck. My hair is a disaster

I am trying NOT TO COLOR IT. It is so damaged the ends just fall off all the time. And since I had anesthesia, apparently this is the reason, anyway- it has been falling out like crazy!

It doesn't look too awful.

But it doesn't look too great either.

The roots and the gray are REALLY getting to me. But only some of the time. I am not really doing too bad at ignoring it :-p Just every now and then I have this dramatic urge to run out to the van and drive to the nearest hair place and run in screaming "SAVE ME!!!!!"


Lickily it is growing pretty well. It is back down to my waist now.

Here is a fairly recent pic that Kela took, and I messed with to try and not be so depressed about it ;) All I really did was change the brightness/contrast a little.
And here is the original. No holding back, I have to show how ugly it really is :(
It is actually a bit longer than that now. It has taken a growth spurt! That pic was right before HP7 came out, so about a month ago. And it is about an inch longer now, I would guess.


  1. HOnestly? I think the second picture is prettier. Richer, warmer, more lifelike tones, honey colored, really. So trim the ends, one of these days. I don't think it looks so bad.

  2. I think your hair looks great! I wish I could let mine grow long but it's too thin and fine. I AM pretty lucky that my gray hair is growing in quite nicely - very fine and looks more like highlights.

    Oh, I got your comment on my blog and yes - I have some nutritional information about "alopecia areata". It's funny your post happens to be about hair as well. You can e-mail me (my address is at my blog profile) and I can send you some info.

  3. Your hair looks great to me. I just got done dying my hair not even an hour ago, and I see there are spots right around the temple where the dye didn't take to the grays. I'm too young to look so old, so I keep dying, but I feel like Tim Allen in The Santa Clause, as soon as I dye it, the grays start popping out.

  4. I think your hair looks gorgeous.

    I do know what you mean about feeling like the loss is conspicuous. I was losing mine for a few months until I got the thyroid hormones corrected, and it's finally starting to stay in my head. But I was feeling a lot like that buzzard on Loony Tunes for a while...

  5. I think the secind pic is better too, and I think your hair looks fine ! If you're stressing about it, would a trim help tidy it up a bit ?

  6. I like your hair,it is very pretty! What about trying some new hair clips or a headband? Maybe you just need a little change?