Thursday, August 30, 2007

Winning the war!

Well, so far at least!

I found NONE on the girls heads all evening yesterday!!!!!!!!

My regular offensive attacks have been working! YAY!! And a good friend who worked in child care for years, told me that vinegar also helps! So we are also going to do a vinegar rinse today.

I am so ready to be through with them. But I also know that I have to keep checking to make sure they aren't coming back. Because they are tricksy little thingses!

Sometimes you hear me complain about Kevin's attitude with helping me clean. But yesterday he was AWESOME. He came home from work and started helping by sweeping our entire room. Then he moved on to the girls' rooms. He moved their furniture and everything.

It was most helpful.

And I have the laundry under control as well.

I think we can get past this now!!! And I must say it is a relief to think that I may be finished worrying over this!

**edit in response to Gwen's comment:

The girls have been FABULOUS! They are helping with laundry, and sweeping, and sitting patiently still for hours while I check them. And not in comfortable positions either! But no complaints. They want them gone too.

And they do not want anyone else to get them either! They keep trying to make sure Raechel doesn't get them. They are regular little sweeties. :)


  1. I'm glad you are almost finished with your terrible war. What a pain. I hope the girls have been troopers through it all. :)

  2. Oh, you poor thing! What a nightmare.

  3. have to comment again ~ when my girls had it, they too sat still for hours ~ and even to this very day, when they get even the SLIGHTEST itch on their heads, they come up to me in private & say "Mom, I felt my head itch a little, can you check just to make sure?"
    Plus, THEY are the sharing of ANYthing watchdogs now. I used to say things like "Uhm, ok, don't share your coat, or your brush or hair doolieys, cuz you might get those snasty head pests." And they would always disregard it, and think I was a pranoid mom, until THE DAY, and NOW ~ well, THEY make SURE that nobady is sharing with ANYbody, lol ~ in fact, my oldest daughter for literally YEARS, would sidle up to people and sort of *visually check* people's heads, just to "make sure".
    They NEVER wanted any part of that business ever again ~
    I bet your young ladies develop quite an ability to "sort of know" when someone might have little pests. With my girls, if they even see somebody absentmindedly scratch their head, they get all nervous, point it out to me in a low whisper, and stay CLEAR AWAY from them. ;-D

  4. Red, you are cracking me up! When we finally ever get back into public from our quarantine, I know we will be the pest watchdogs! hahaha

    The sad thing is we've always shared brushes, with nary a thought as to what may be lurking therein. No more, that is for sure!

  5. Ah good news! I hope they stay away now.

  6. I remember my mother combing through my hair looking for them. Shudder. At least you're almost through with the problem!