Tuesday, August 21, 2007


About that menu plan? haha

We had a power outage last night from 4pm til 1am. So. I had to change my menu for last night. Instead of a chicken casserole, which I would have had to bake, we had a chicken "skillet" with gravy, peas, carrots, and noodles :) It was yummy and better yet - I was able to cook it on stove top. You can light the stove, but not the oven. Even though it is a gas oven, it has an electric igniter. Which so do the stove burners, but apparently the oven igniter is much to difficult to reach. I didn't try. I just know Kevin told me I'd have to cook on the stove :-p

Oh, and since you asked Cindy -Tilapia is a type of fish fillet. I just buy them frozen in a bag. And I had just bought a ton of them and some frozen chicken breasts too. I was so worried that they'd all thaw last night and my future menus for the next few weeks would have been ruined, tyvm.

But nothing ruined! YAY!

We were up til midnight waiting for it to come back on. They got it back on an hour or so later though.

The weird thing about this was I witnessed the transformer's demise! I was talking to mommy in our driveway and I was facing grandma's field, where the pole with the transformer was and I saw a huge flock of birds on the lines and transformer and poles, and then I saw a light on top. It was not lightning... well I guess it must have been, but it just looked like a stick of light standing on top of the pole. Then I saw it blow up and all the birds flew away. Well, I actually think I saw about a dozen or so birds fall down dead. haha But I am not sure about that.

It was strange, for sure. I felt responsible. I know, silly. But I still felt all evening like it was my fault somehow we did not have electricity. I was pretty cranky because of that :-p But I got over it. We had to eat all our ice cream up because it was melting. So hey, there is always a silver lining, right?? :-D


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you suffered a power outage, but it sounds like everything ended well for you thanks to your own ingenuity! Yay! Of course, I understand ice cream can soothe an upset soul, too! ;)

  2. Power outages suck ! You should get some BBQ matches (the ones that are about a foot long) for lighting the oven in situations like this.

    Dinner sounded yum :)

  3. I would honestly be devastated if we had an outage for that long. I have a huge backup freezer stash of milk for Jamie and it would all go bad!

    That is such a long time for the power to be out!

  4. That's the good thing about "The Plan" if all else fails you can move that meal to the next day. Looks like you improvised well. You have any good recipes for that Tilapia?

  5. Birdie - I should be ashamed to say this, but eating the ice cream was the only good "feeling" I had that evening.

    Cindy - we used to have some of those. But apparently it is just not plausible to light the oven without electricity... or perhaps Kevin just really didn't want to mess with it? hahah

    Angie - it wasn't too bad for me, I could live without electric if I had a way to keep my food preserved! hehe

    Jeanie- I usually just sprinkle some lemon pepper on mine and bake or grill it. I love the marinades, but I almost always forget to start one the night before! Our fave is any ole mesquite marinade, on chicken or fish :)

    (btw. I forgot to marinade the tilapia last night... haha. BUT I actually remembered to set out some frozen rolls this morning - so we get hot bread tonight! YES!!!)