Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We have uninvited guests.

Jennifer and Sarah were right. It is head lice. :(

I am SO SICK of it. This is my first experience with the nasty things. I am NOT happy.

First I started noticing Cassie digging at her head in church on Sunday evening. So the minute we walked in the door I started checking her head. Sure enough I saw... things ... in her hair. But I had no idea if it was lice or not. Never seen them before in my life. I was hoping it was NOT lice. :(

So I called my mom. She did not think it was lice. But she has never seen them either. So we went up to Grandma Sams's because she KNOWS. And she took a look and she nodded, and said , "Yep. That's what it is."

So we went directly to walmart to get some lice killing shampoo. Mommy called me while I was there and said get some real mayonnaise too. It is supposed to be just as effective as the medicated shampoo. So I got some mayo. I will tell you right now, I do not think I will ever be able to eat mayo again. I also got some Raid flea spray... did you know it has the exact same stuff in it that the shampoo does? Yes it does.

I was told to spray my mattresses and curtains and car out with it. So I did. Oh, well I forgot the car. I need to do that.


So I treated Cassie and then spent the night nitpicking. Woke up the next day and spent the day nitpicking. AND checking the other girls heads every so often. Well that is after we had our mayo on our heads for four hours. Oh, but Mommy did not find out til later that you also need shower caps with the 4 hour mayo treatment. SO Monday we did not have shower caps. But Tuesday we did.

So I'm picking picking picking, checking checking checking. And washing washing washing. And sweeping my floors every hour. And spraying mattresses, curtains, and pillows. And also - Someone said "Put stuffed animals, cushions, anything made of fabric that you can't wash, into black garbage bags for two weeks." So I am also bagging bagging bagging.

And that was just Monday. On Sunday night we finally got to bed about 3am. Monday night we got to bed at 2am. Last night we got to bed at 3am.

Because OF COURSE at 10 pm on Monday night, I found them on Faithy. AAAARGH!!! So I treated Faithy. And directly after the treatment started nitpicking on her. And I found a live one. AAACK!!! I called my mom at around midnight yelling because THE STUPID SHAMPOO IS SUPPOSED TO KILL THEM!!!!!

My mom has been so encouraging. I am probably not dealing with this the greatest.

Honestly, I was very angry at first. Ok, totally being honest - I am still angry about it. I am working on that.

BUT ANYHOW. So I am doing all that whole routine, boiling water and washing the nit combs and our brushes (we all got new ones) and trying to keep up with all the washing and sweeping floors, and checking heads and picking the awful things out. And not doing very well. Because last night (naturally right around 10pm!) I found ONE on Kela. So I treated her. And I also treated Cassie again, because I found another bug one her too - as opposed to just the nits. Because they were both ALIVE ones.

I was still finding several nits on Cassie last night. I only found one on Faithy last night, and only 3 on Kela last night after I treated her.

I am getting ready to go wake them up and start all over in a minute. I have washed a couple of loads while they've been still asleep this morning. Cause I was able to actually get up myself this morning. Because I took a tylenol with codiene last night. Yes indeed. Because I haven't been sleeping AT ALL. Because I feel so itchy. And this has me so grossed out and worked up. But I slept last night thankfully.

I have been making Kevin check me over and over. And when he isn't here, I have been making Kela check me.

Nothing so far. But that doesn't matter to my nerve endings. They are up in arms right now.

You know, I don't ask very often, but anyone who prays. I could use a few.

This has been a nightmare for me. And I know it is a long haul ahead too. Because you just cannot get free of the nasty things in a week. Oh no. You have to keep checking for a month. And they are very well known for coming back.


  1. oh no! I know how bad it is, but it happened to me when I was baby sitting all boys. The mommys just shaved heads. You can't do that! It is so awful and ugh.. I had nightmares about that disgusting things. ((hugs)) it will be gone soon!

  2. I am so sorry! I remember going through that when I was growing up. We were a family with four girls, too. I will be praying for everyone to be bug free!

  3. Oh dear, that really is a nightmare. I'm sorry. No mother has the energy to deal with that, but you have to, and ugh, I totally sympathize even though we haven't yet had to tackle that particular problem.

  4. I will be prayin for you sister girl. I will never forget in 6th grade the nurse called me out of class to check me for lice because my next door neighbor had it. I was so embarrassed that I had it. I think the whole class then had to be checked.
    You literally made my head itch just reading about it.
    Good Luck!

  5. So sorry you are having to deal with this Lawanda! I hope its better soon and you can rest. Hugs!

  6. Well now you have me sitting here scratching my head ! LOL

    I have never seen them either, but I know that when one person in the family has them, everyone should be treated at the same time.

    I hope you get rid of them without having to go through this much more...

  7. ARGH!!!!!!!!! That's the worst. EW. So sorry...

  8. Fear not, Lawanda, this too shall pass ~ ;-D in the meantime, my heart goes out to you!! We had this self-same problem once when the girls were still in public school, it was SOOO AWFULLLL!!! Right then & there I almost went to homeschooling!! (I should have!) Since my girls all had really long hair, it was an absolute NIGHTMARE trying to get those nasty's picked clean.

    I had to LAUGH when I heard your mayo experience ~ I now have 2 daughters who will NEVER touch the stuff again, in fact, it makes their tummies CHURN just to think about it! And ~ my head is now itching too, just thinking back about the whole heinous ordeal ~ eeewwwaaalllgghhh ~ with a shiver~

  9. This is something I DO NOT look forward to!!! So sorry you have to deal with it :(