Saturday, August 11, 2007

Organizational Skillz

Remember when I said that even if I do get organized, I am just setting myself up for failure? Well, failure. Here I come. ;)

Seriously, my plans usually fall all to pieces when I make them. But we will see how it goes :)

Remember this mess?

Look at it now!

I realize that the yarn and stuff is still there. But it is just so handy. So I am leaving it :)

And here is the box of books we pulled out and are not using until later :)

Here are Kela's, Cassie's, and Faithy's schedules. Kela was doing her own, and she's an artsy smartypants, so hers has a lot more pencil lead on it than the other two, which I non-artistically wrote up :-p I haven't got Cassie's finished yet.


  1. This is an inspiring post! Every surface in our house seems to look like your first photo. :-)

  2. I'm still stuck with first-photo look-a-likes as well. Good for you for getting everything together so well :).

  3. I have been known to cart around my current yarn projects in a basket or bag to keep them convenient. Also, baskets and quilted bags look more decorative when you leave them laying around. ;)