Monday, August 27, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

I will defer til tomorrow to tell you what I have been doing this weekend. So that you are not entirely grossed out and not able to enjoy my menu plan! :-p

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Grilled Chicken, butter beans in sour cream, corn, broccoli and cheese

Tuesday - Spaghetti and meat balls (frozen), garlic toast

Wednesday - Pancakes and bacon

Thursday - Tilapia (marinated, baked) with green beans and boiled potatoes

Friday - Texas Beef Skillet (a family fave) :)

Now lets hope I stick to it better this time! ;)


  1. Oh, you are so good! I need to start doing this and sticking with it! I also need to lose about twenty pounds and start a whole list of need to dos... but now's not the time. lol

    How are you doing with sticking to your menu?

  2. Well, I was doing great until tonight. Minor glitch in my plan, as Kevin won't be here for supper, and I feel like I am wasting food to cook *just us* a whole meal! LOL

    I think we will have Spaghetti again! hahaha

    But tomorrow we will be back on plan!! Although, I believe I will let Kevin pick as to which he'd prefer, since I think he is getting a bit tired of fish! ("Noooo, not something healthy AGAIN!" :-p)