Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lest you think my poor family survives on sugar alone

We had a merry supper last night. Kela and Kevin had us all laughing while we were trying to eat :)

Here is our very pretty colorful (nearly) vegetarian supper from last night. This is my place, so of course that is green tea with ginseng and honey in my cup, which I adore.

We had baked mac & cheese; and straight from the garden -corn on the cob and green beans and cherry tomatoes. Courtesy of my dad who has been taking care of Grandma Sams's garden for her. :)

I say "nearly vegetarian" meal, because there is of course milk, eggs, and cheese in the macaroni ;)

Kela was telling us last night that she is a vegetarian. Except she eats meat and drinks milk. And she was serious! I about died laughing! Here I am eating one last tomato and dying laughing at my "vegetarian" daughter who eats meat! I was also laughing because Kevin was taking my pic and I was trying to look "hot and sexy" while eating ;) "Fat and happy" is all I could muster, but I don't think that is really such a bad thing :-p LOL

Here is our table all set. Not too chic or elegant, but very pretty and colorful, I thought :)

Kevin thought I was crazy for taking pictures of our food. I told him all the good bloggy people do it!!! (Cindy!! :) ) So he thought he'd be funny, and arrange my tomato on top of my beans. haha

See, never fear. My family does eat nutritiously, even though I do not always eat that way myself! :)


  1. My hubby thought I really lost my mind when I was taking pics of the stuff in my purse for the blog. Food is much more interesting. :)

  2. You do look hot and sexy! The mac -n- cheese looks mighty tasty too. :-)

  3. so, dang, we should be including pics of food?~ hmmm ~
    (should I post the curry I made tonight? ;-D)
    heaven forbid if I had to take a pic of my purse,,, heheeheheh

  4. good grief that mac and cheese looks so stinking delicious! The corn does too and well so does the tomatoes and green beans!

    now I am going to have to go find something to eat!

  5. We must be pigs coz it doesn't look like you guys eat much (tell me they're big plates :D )

    Elliot said he would maybe eat the corn but he wouldn't eat the rest - he's a nightmare to feed !

    So...this taking pics of food I have to take pics of our regular dinners too now ? Won't be tomorrow night coz it'll just be me and the baby and I'm gonna get a hamburger from work :D

  6. Cindy, you need to take pics of your regular food. I wanna see if it looks as yummy as your desserts always do!

    And, those are pretty big plates. ;)

  7. Actually, that was completely vegetarian. It's vegans who don't do eggs and dairy.

    So dish me up some of that yummy mac! ;)

  8. I'm vegetarian but eat eggs and dairy products. I do not eat meat (red or white) nor fish or chicken.

    I love that you've taken pic of you table/dinner. I was just thinknig tonight while the kids and I were eating our dinner I should take photos to scrapbook. Great minds think alike, huh!
    Love, Julia (ScrapChat)