Friday, August 17, 2007

Kids nowadays..aren't really kids anymore..(POST MOVED)

I moved this post here.


  1. All I can say is thank Heavens I have sons ! There is NO WAY any daughter of mine would be wearing some of the skanky outfits I see girls getting around in these days.

    Kela, it seems that you have already discovered that you can be 'cool' and look attractive without looking like a street walker. Listen to your mom, if she says "don't wear that" - trust her :)

  2. First. I like the new look, but i can't remember the old one, and that gets me all discombobulated. LOL.

    Second, this is a SCARY trend. I wish I knew how to turn back the tide. Sigh...

  3. Oh, and those are some CUTE tops. I don't know that I've heard of Hollister before now. I want some. (But not for my daughter!!)