Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I really appreciate it!

Thank you all who commented so kindly about my hair! I really just want to shave it all off at times.

Since the pic, I have had Kevin trim about two inches off the bottom. So it is much less ratty looking. But it seems to just get ratty looking very quickly! :(

I am trying to be more content with my hair :) I should be happy with it, because before I ever got pregnant, it would not grow at all. And now it at least grows...even though half of it grows in gray! :-p The biggest annoyance are the short wiry grays that grow right out of the top of my head and insist on sticking up and out! GRRR!!!

Which is why I am so tempted to color it again. I did not start coloring it til I got pregnant with Raechel, but the high-maintenance effect is much too difficult for me to handle. I am a terrible minimalist!! :-p

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