Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I have had company!

One of my best friends is our ex-preacher, Daniel. And his wife came to stay with me yesterday!! Her name is Beth. We had SO MUCH FUN. She is the SWEETEST person EVAH.

We spent all night monday watching movies and talkin'. It was awesome. Then we went to the mall and walmart yesterday afternoon. We talked some more and ate ice cream (Ben & Jerry's YUM! I got Coffee Heath Bar Crunch and she got The Colbert Special haha)... And then Kevin took us all out to eat last night at Olive Garden, where I got $2.00 off my meal, because the someone had broken a dish of sauce, and I could not get the entree that I wanted! Rockin'! ;)Sometimes it pays (other people) to be clumsy! haha

ANyway, so I am tired, but happy. We had a really good time :)

And now you know why I haven't been here ;)

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