Monday, August 13, 2007

First day of (home) school


We had our first day today, of earnest school. The girls got up and made their beds, then ate breakfast and got to work by 9:30 :)

They all got finished by 12:30, with a minimum of tears. Alas, there were tears.

Cassie rarely does anything productive without crying. She was crying today because the spelling lesson was too long. I told her we started out with a review, just to ... well... review! So today's lesson was a bit long. But she and Kela are doing the exact same lessons (Cassie is an excellent speller, as is Kela) and Kela shed not one tear. Normal.

Faith did very well. She even did extra work!

Raechel did school today with her sisters:) Kela drew the ABC's and Raechel traced them. Not a bad job either ;)


  1. There's usually tears at my house too , MINE!
    DH stayed home last year to "help" us get off to a good start. By noon, the 2nd day, I was in tears, crying at the kitchen table saying "I just can't do this. I just can't do this."
    My boys pat my shoulder, bring me tissues and say "its ok mom. Its all gonna be ok."
    (its always better when DH goes back to work. The boys and I have our own way of doing things)

    Happy New School Year! We're gonna eeeeaaase our way into it next week. Our math texts still haven't arrived!

  2. You are on the ball to be starting so early! Good for you!

    When my girls were younger we had some tearful days too. Not so much with my boys though, they are more likely to get attitude-y!

  3. Good for you for starting so early! It sounds like you got a good start, too :).

  4. I may start early, but trust me, we will do good to make it on a steady pace til xmas! haha

    I go through these productive spurts. Then I go through non-productive spaced out spurts! LOL