Friday, August 17, 2007

Don't hate me!

I started a new blog to share my (sometimes not very popular) opinions on hot (sometimes just irksome to me) topics of the day.

After I posted about how I felt about girls' clothing nowadays, I felt kinda bad, thinking "some people may not agree with me... It could get ugly". Although I really don't think any of my normal bloggy people would ever get ugly; you never know when someone may be reading who really wants to yell at me for thinking the way I do. And I honestly like to hear opposing opinions, or different points of view! Cuz I know I don't know everything. And I know sometimes you feel like you have to yell at me to get me to listen!

I just thought this way I can keep all the yelling in another place, and my nice little family blog will stay nice and quiet :)

However, if I ever find that a post is relevant to both bloggies, I will have no qualms about double posting ;)

Feel free to ignore my other blog completely, though. Because I sometimes feel the need to vent about stuff, and I may come off as mean. I am really not mean. Ask Molly ;)

I can get all worked up about stuff, but after I blow off some steam and rant and rave a bit, I am usually quick to get back to my mild-mannered quiet self. :)

So here it is:

I should not say this out loud

(and I prolly really shouldn't, but sometimes I just have to use my voice.)


  1. I went and checked it out. I like it and the idea of being able to say what you think! I'm not great at that. :P

  2. Neither am I, trust me. Well, ok, I can say it, but sometimes can't take the slack I get afterward ;)