Saturday, August 25, 2007

Don't Faint!

Hey, don't fall over in a shock-induced swoon when I tell you what I am doing and have accomplished today.

I am cleaning!

Yes! you read that right! ME! CLEANING!!! Don't have a heart attack, now.


I have gotten a lot accomplished so far for the hoodlums to have fun undoing when they get home. Because yes, they are not home. How else do you suppose I have gotten so much done?

Anyway, here is what I have done so far:

Seriously cleaned the bathroom. Not just cleaned, but SERIOUSLY cleaned, y'all. As in - inside and out. Toilet, sink, tub, floor; and the trash can even! Can you believe my industrious little self????

Ok, that is not all. After burning my nose hairs thoroughly with bleach in the bathroom, I proceeded to:

Clean the kitchen! But not seriously clean. Just normal clean. I haven't attacked the microwave or the oven yet; or cleaned out the cupboards ;)

And now I am DOING LAUNDRY. Hanging' it out on the lines and everything!!!!

Am I rockin' or WHAT?!?!?!


What do you mean, "Is that all?"

:-p hehehe


  1. LOL..hey that's an accomplishment to me! Isn't it so much easier when everybody's gone? I wish my brood would leave so I could deep clean. My apologies for the ahem poo post.

  2. Okay, you are making me really tired.

    Maybe someday I'll have enough leftover energy to get some serious cleaning done, but it ain't today! ;-)

  3. Hehe, well done !

    I have a sick DH home but I have managed to :

    > fold 3 loads of laundy (maybe it's 4, I've lost count)
    > wash and hang out another
    > unload the dishwasher
    > run a cleaner through the dishwasher
    > reload and run the dishwasher
    > go to the shops
    > mend one of Toby's school shirts and a pair of his school shorts (not shorts as in underwear, short pants, ya know ?)

    I can't remember what else... I'll go clean the bathroom when Toby is home to watch Kade for me...

  4. Good for you! May your nose hairs grow back well before your clean bathroom starts to smell awful! ;)