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Back to Homeschool Week - question 1

(No offense is meant to anyone in these posts. I honestly respect almost all parents. Whether they homeschool or not.)

Randi is having a Back to Homeschool Week!

I came in a little late because I have been busy entertaining (being entertained?) by my company :) :) :)

But here is Monday's post :)

Monday--What led to your decision to homeschool?

Well, you know what? Carrie said she and her husband knew they would homeschool before they got married! Unfortunately, I am not blessed with any foresight or wisdom whatsoever that I haven't learned by my own experiences. It is sad, really, how silly I am! haha But, my point is: I had no thought of homeschooling my kids until I started having them!

Actually the minute Kela was born, my first thought was I never want her to leave my arms. :)

Of course, as your babies grow, they naturally become more independent and you do not want them on your lap (or boob as it were ;)) ALL the time. ;) So as she grew, and I had Cassie, and then Faithy, I gradually realized that I could handle them being away from me... But. I never wanted them to go "to school" as we know it.


Because I think they should not leave me for that length of time to spend it with other adults, and that many other children. Especially at such a tender age! Not because I am unnaturally attached (although reading the first though about Kela, you may think so, but I am not really. I gladly get rid of my kids whenever they have a constructive place to go!)... But because I am their first teacher. I am their natural teacher. I am their mother. Kevin (their dad) and I are the best teachers they will ever have.

Did you ever wonder why a child who has had good meals every day at public school, and great teachers, and SO MANY opportunities, will STILL end up a drop out/druggie/member of a gang? Well. Let's think. Did they have a good home life? Most likely that answer is NO. (I realize there are exceptions...)

It all rests with their mother and father. If their mother and father give them a loving caring environment, they will succeed, even if they do go to school. ;)

However, their teachers at school are just there to educate them in secular things. They have no ways or means to love them like the parents they should have. And it is common knowledge that love is where its at ;)

So, the reason I started homeschooling is because I thought that it was my responsibility as a mommy to continue teaching my kids. I taught them to read and add before they were of "school age" anyhow! So why not the rest?

Because, personally I am teaching them more than secular things like math and science and language. I am trying to teach them to deal with life in a way that they can also have a life with God.

Some of the things life throws at ya can be magnified in a school environment, but most of it is not present AT ALL.

Teachers are not equipped (and SHOULD NOT ever try) to teach MY kids how to worship God, how to be content, how to have good manners, how to live at peace with their neighbor, how to help other people, how to clean their home, how to cook for and feed people, how to take care of others (or love their neighbor), how to be good stewards of what God has blessed them with.

That is OUR job.

Mine and Kevin's. You know, the two people who brought these sweet kids into this crazy place :)

Some people, I know, can do all that while their kids are in school and away from them for the greater part of the day/week/year. My parents did. But I tell ya... it was difficult. And I just do not think I could.

So I homeschool.


(Plus, I know it is crazy, but I really LIKE my kids. They are nice to have around ;))


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