Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back to Homeschool Week - Question 3

(No offense is meant to anyone in these posts. I honestly respect almost all parents. Whether they homeschool or not.)

Randi's third topic (not question this time I guess).

Wednesday--Getting out there...

Ahhhh, the ever present socialization problem....



Ok, I do think it is hysterical that homeschoolers are rarely at home. They are OUT. They have more opportunities to DO THINGS. :)

We (meaning Kevin and I) do not think our kids have to do everything that other people think their kids have to do.

Have you noticed how FRAZZLED everyone is nowadays? Parents act like chauffeurs for their kids' EVERY whim.

I really don't "get it". Why do people think their kids need to not only Go to School, but also go to ballet, go to baseball, go to gymnastics, learn an instrument, go to soccer, go to Girl/Boy Scouts or 4-H... and on and on it goes... ??

My parents never let us do any extra curricular activities when we were small, except church. :) We went to church a LOT.

Think about those words: extra curricular.

It means outside the regular curriculum or course work. These are additional activities. They take MORE time.

If a child is not in school (public school), and their teacher is their parent, and they only have to do school for a couple hours a day (because the teacher is not trying to teach twenty other kids at the same time!) then that child will have MORE TIME for extra stuff. What a concept, eh? ;)

I say it can only be a good thing.

Our kids are all going to do an extra activity this year, since we will have MORE TIME than when they were in school! (YAY!)

Kela has not decided what she wants to do. I am thinking some kind of sport perhaps.
Cassie is in the TREK program, and by law they have to let her come to the ps to do it. So she will be going there one day a week.
Faith wants to take violin, but I told her she is going to have to start with piano. She was ok with that though :)

Raechel is going to be cute ;)

They are all going to be in 4-H this year too. I adored 4-H. The only reason I haven't got them in it before this year is because I wanted them to join my old group, but I had issues with the way they are now doing things. So, I have found another group I want them to join :) :) :)

And you know? I think that will be quite enough to be going on with! Dontcha think?

No sense in making them spend all their time with other people, imo :) Their dad and I like to eat supper with them every night ;) hehe

Monday, August 6---What led to your decision to homeschool?
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Wednesday, August 8---Getting out there...
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  1. Yay!!! We are busy, but we also feel that family comes first. Have a fun year!

  2. I'm a fellow Back-To-Homeschool blogger this week.

    I totally agree with you about kids often having TOO much to do! It's worth it to be choosy and to really enjoy what we do rather than feeling like we've been run ragged by busy-work!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  3. I agree with you. People are too frazzled, and families are so disconnected from one another because everyone is running around doing their separate activities. Homeschooling is such a good thing for families.

  4. We limit our kids to one activity at this point in their lives. I'm grateful they have all chosen the same thing - Tae Kwon Do. As they get older, we will allow them to add in another activity, but for now, that's enough.

  5. This right here is one of the best reasons to homeschool, imo. I do hate the rat race, and we try to minimize it, but it's inevitable, it seems.

  6. I feel bad for some of the other parents in some of the activities my children are in. They do seem so frazzled. They talk about running here and there and I wonder when they have time to just be a family.

    We are involved in the same number of activities as many of them, but it is so laid back. But then, we are home together all day, every day. There isn't the rush...and if there are several things going on in a day, school can be canceled to accommodate. Or start later because it was a late night. Or whatever.

    It is so freeing, in that regard!