Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Back to Homeschool - question 2

(No offense is meant to anyone in these posts. I honestly respect almost all parents. Whether they homeschool or not.)

Randi's second question is:

Tuesday--How do you homeschool?

Well, the short answer I am sure is:

Very badly.

But the long answer (and my defense) is: I homeschool the only way a disorganized, nearly insane person could... by the seat of my pants. haha

I am not really insane. Just feel that way sometimes.

I pretty much just pick and choose stuff from a plethora of different books that I have acquired over the years. I believe that is called Eclectic. Anyway, it sounds good ;)

We are on no set schedule, unless you count the "in your head" type. In my head, I know what I want them to do for the day/week. I write it out for them when they ask. Kela asks more than the others prolly ever will.

Since this is the first year I will be homeschooling all of them, I am sure I am going to need to get better organization going. But knowing me, we will get all organized, fail, and move on.

They will get an education, trust me. Luckily, my kids are pretty smart and pretty ambitious to learn!!

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  1. You remind me of a friend of mine. She flies through life with no schedule, but her and her kids have fun! Homeschooling is an adventure to her! God uses all kinds of people to successfully homeschool their kids!