Friday, August 10, 2007

Back to Homeschool - #5

Friday, August 10---Curriculum

Randi's last topic is curriculum.

First off I want to say how much I have enjoyed reading everyone's responses this week. I haven't posted on everyone's blog, for sheer lack of time, but I have read most of them! :)

As far as our curriculum... I told you I have a literal ton of books. I did mention I am disorganized too, didn't I?

I just thought I would show you SOME of our books. Of course these are not ALL homeschool materials. But a lot of them are!

You see this? This is in my living room. Those boxes are our Rod and Staff books. I love them. But we skip through them. I tried doing them all but there is just too much. A lot is repetition anyway. But we also use all those other books on there too. :) Oh, and the yarn... Ummm... Well that's mine from various projects. I should really put that away! haha *blush*

These two book shelves are in our little "office" downstairs. A lot of the books in the first pic are my books. Some are reference books.

In this picture, the books on the right hand shelf - are all school books. And I even missed the bottom shelf, which is piled high. These are some of what I have that we may use if we get the inkling. Mostly we will use the ones upstairs though :)

I did tell you I was disorganized and messy, right? Maybe I forgot messy. Well, now you know. :-p

**edit** Hey guess what I did last night? I straightened that mess in the first picture up! WAHOOO! I will post the before and after pics soon ;)

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Friday, August 10---Curriculum


  1. There's nothing better than having lots of books to choose from!

  2. Hey, that almost looks like my house! 'Cept you have bookshelves......

  3. LOL, nothing like having a few books to choose from!

  4. LOL! Looks like my house. I have books in every room, including the bathrooms.

  5. A woman after my own heart! It looks like we have similar organizational skills...and a similar knack for collecting books!