Friday, July 13, 2007

A true Friday the 13th?

First the BABY broke a glass dish, and then guess what happened a minute ago?

I had to perform minor surgery!!!

Raechel was supposed to be napping on my bed (because the baby is in Raechel's room) and I heard her yell for me. I could tell there was something wrong by the way she hollered, she just had that panic in her voice.

So I went in and she said, "I have tissue in my nose."

I looked and didn't see ANYthing in her nose. I had her blowing and still could not see it. She kept pointing to the left nostril and saying "In there, Mommy, Get it."

So I got a flashlight and looked and pulled her nose up a bit so the nostril was more open, and LO AND BEHOLD: A big chunk of tissue WAY up in there.

I debated for a minute on whether to just take her to the hospital or what, but decided I would try to get it first.

So I got the tweezers and tried a couple of times, but she kept trying to look! And was moving. She was also scared of the long tweezers I had, so I got a shorter pair.

It took me a few tries. I kept calm, I am proud of myself! But I had her close her eyes, and lean back and tried not to touch her nose so she would not flinch, and then finally:


I pulled it out and it was bloody and just generally gross with snot. It was about the size of a marble all squished in there!

She said when I was done that she had some in her other nostril, but I could not see any. I am hoping that it is just agitated in there and feels like it rather than anything else actually being in there, so we won't have to take her to the hospital to get some unseen bit of tissue removed! ACK!


  1. Ack! That kind of stuff freaks me out after it is over. I'm pretty calm during, but I overthink stuff. Glad you got it out. Ruby's been putting stuff in her mouth all the time suddenly. I feel like I have to watch her all the time. She wasn't doing this for a long time, but now she's like eating everything, little crumbs on the floor and chokables. Sheesh! Never a dull moment eh??

  2. Good for you for managing to stay calm and do the job yourself!

  3. well good grief! Glad everything is good now, I think I probably could have stayed calm but if Bridey was around she would have been flipping out which then would have gotten me wired. You did good!

  4. Poor baby, and WELL DONE Mommy ! Toby never stuck anything up his nose (or anywhere else he shouldn't stick things) and I am praying Kade takes after his brother. Hopefully the other nostril is fine and you don't have to make a trip to the hospital.