Sunday, July 29, 2007

Some layouts I did

at the crop! Which place I stayed until nearly 2 am!! But hey, I got 11 pages done. None of them are spectacular by any means, but they got me going! I was really wanting to make some extra special pages for Paula's wedding pics, but I am just not an extra-special scrapper. But I do like how they turned out, regardless that they are not magazine material!! :)

Sorry bout the pics being fuzzy and awful... My cam is acting up...

This one is of me and Paula in January at my Grandma's 85th bday party at my mom's house

The first one in this next pic is titled Fond Embrace. The second one, I am still thinking of some kind of cheesy caption for it.. Any suggestions?

I just decided that this was going to be an album of cheesy wedding pics, and so all my captions would be sappy/cheesy to the extreme. It may make others sick, but it will most likely never bother me in the least. I like cheesy. Ok?!

K, this'n happens to be my fave pic, and my fave layout. It will be the last page in my album. In the circle journal it says, "Walking off into Happily Ever After" :-D


Btw, I have to thank my good friend Anne for helping me so much, and "lending" me stuff! HAH!!! Thanks girl!! :)


  1. Fun, fun. I'm SO overdue for a crop night.

    Hey, I gave you an award, go check it out!

  2. Congrats on completing so many LO's ! You've done a great job :)

  3. Hey! So, did you lay around all day Sat. and moan about how tired you were? 'Cause I did!!

  4. hehe Well, you should have! You need extra sleep to grow that bebe! :)

  5. Nice work!

    I've been trying to get caught up one some of my scrapbooking, but I haven't been having much success lately. :(

  6. Beautiful work! I think the captions are sweet.

    I have that same brown-with-polka-dots ribbon. I used it on Moo's birth announcements. It is so yummy!

  7. I can't think of a single cheesy line to use for that one layout. I was thinkin together forever or two hearts are now one. Yeah it's cheesy but it's stale moldy cheese.

  8. oooh!! I love these! Love the shiny letter thingies. I have some metal do-dad things like that for my books and I never use them cause they feel too "special" LOL they are just sitting forever in my drawer!
    I also love sappy/cheesy and go crazy for teary hallmark cards. Do you?
    Love that sliver swirly,lacy stuff on your layouts, just beautiful!

  9. I really like those....I miss scrappin' haven't scrapped much or at all since Jake was born. But I love your LO's