Monday, July 23, 2007

Second Reading

I am in the middle of Deathly Hallows now. I pick it up and read a bit when Kela puts it down :-p She'll come back to read and I will have it and she'll be like "Not fair MOM! You've read it, it is my turn!" And I say "Ok, ok let me finish this chapter and I will give it back to ya!" hehe

You people who have not read Harry - HOW have you not read Harry?!?! ;)

Just so ya know, I am crying again over this book. Lovely. Just lovely. There are lovely scriptures in it. Yes, you read that right. Scriptures. I wonder how many people noticed that?

Honestly, Harry is one of the best "good verses evil" series I have ever read. Right up there with Lord of the Rings.


  1. I'll be reading it when Toby has finished :)

  2. So THIS is why you haven't been around. I was just thinking, I haven't heard from Lawanda lately! And I clicked over, and of course you are absorbed in Harry Potter. Hope you're enjoying it!