Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm interesting, medically speaking.

My doctor tells me I am an interesting case ;)

I had a follow up yesterday and I think the doctor said that about 5 times! haha

The reason I am so medically interesting? Because I am so darn healthy! ;)

Well, here is what he said in a nutshell:

My case was very interesting, first because I had a hole in my bile duct, which he had to repair before he even started in on the gall bladder . He was not sure whether the hole was already there or if he did it when he started cutting. (Personally I think it was causing my problems because...) The gall bladder was bad, but not very bad. And he said the second reason my case was so interesting (I almost think he was saying interesting so he didn't have to say "annoying" haha!) was because my tissue is SO HEALTHY that it was tough, and hard to remove the gall bladder. He said I had such healthy tissue that it was difficult to cut!

So see! I have HEALTHY TISSUE! ;)

Anyone disses me, I can at least tell them "Well, maybe so but at least I HAVE HEALTHY TISSUE!" *snap* "SO THERE!"


And then he looked at my cuts, and said I heal very quickly too! :)


Yesterday was QUITE the day. First off, I was really tired from having been up til 4am and watching HP. (See next post for our HP viewing adventure!) But Kevin called me at about 10:30 am and mentioned he needed the weed eater. So I drove it up to him. Well, the trip that usually only takes an hour altogether was a bit longer because of road work. Try 2 hours. Yes. (Although we did eat lunch somewhere in there too)

Lovely. Well, I had a doctors appointment which I remembered while sitting in traffic. I looked at the time on the card, and "GOODNESS!" I was supposed to be there RIGHT THEN! Talk about coincidence ;-P I called them and told them I was stuck in traffic, and they said go ahead and come anytime before 3pm. (I did not tell them I forgot until that very minute of course.)

So then as soon as I could get off the road work riddled interstate, I flew to the doctor's office. I figured since I was just in for a check up he'd see me real quick in between his other appointments, and since I am doing so well, it would not be long. So I told Kela they could stay out in the car for a bit while Raechel slept, and then come in if I wasn't back.

It ended up taking 2 hours, and they never came in. I was so worried, but I was afraid to get up and go out and get them in case they called my name! I felt like the world's worst mom. I prayed and prayed that they were ok. I really should have just went out to get them. When I finally came out I asked Kela why they didn't come in, and it was because Raechel had peed her pants. :(

I felt punished enough because they were so miserable (it wasn't that hot, but I had left the car running so they'd be cool, but Kela was afraid they'd run out of gas, so she turned it off.) And then Kevin yelled at me (rightly so, but still) and I felt like going home and never coming out of my room again. But of course I couldn't do that, so I soothed all of our feelings by taking them to DQ and getting them a blizzard and me a MooLatte. I didn't deserve it, but it made me feel better anyway.

So then after sitting in the car for hours, we got home and the girls got to go swimming and I got to fix supper. We only had time for pancakes though because it was church night. So then we went to church and I forgot all the stuff I had for everyone. Everyone who comes here ends up leaving I had bags of stuff to hand out to kids :)

Anyway, I was extremely tired last night and then after the girls got to bed, Raechel started in coughing. :( She just got over a sinus infection recently, and I think it is coming back. I gave her cough medicine and it made her cough worse for a while before it quieted the coughing. MORE BAD MOMMY.

I tell ya. I was ready to throw in the towel at 2 am. I kept thinking if I could only get my mom to take my kids, they'd prolly be better off. :( But I feel much better today since they are all happy and healthy this morning. :)


  1. Honey, you're HUMAN. The girls are FINE, so stop sweating over it. *hug*

  2. Darlin' darlin' I don't know how you do it. I have always admired the way you take care of all your kids and everything else you do! I tell ya, when I was working full time you couldn't see my floor for trash and clothes, the only thing I did when i got home was make sure Bridey was ready for school the next day. It's better now that i work part time. Much better, but you are amazing so don't get so down on yourself! Your kids are fine and Nice!! That is a big plus! Bridey has turned into a mouthiest brat Ihave seen in awhile. She is grounded more than not anymore. So feel good about yourself. You do good.