Thursday, July 12, 2007

I ♥ Harry

Order of the Phoenix was very good. Although I can never like the movies after watching them once. It takes me a few times to watch it and remind myself it is a movie, not a mini-series, and they have to leave parts out or we'd be there a week. I mean the book is what? 3 ? 3and a half inches thick?? It is a BIG book. So. I have to think over how they did things, mull it over in my head for a while before I can say it was good. But no worries! I have been mulling, and overall, I think it was pretty great :)

I totally loved the kiss! :)

Cassie said she had to cover her eyes some, and I thought the magic during the Battle at the MOM was so vague it was confusing; but we all loved it overall:)

**Edit, I forgot to add that Kela and Cassie's favorite part was when the trio met Grawp! :)

We stood in line for about an hour. The line was long, but we got there early (actually, we were first to get there, but while we were getting our popcorn the girl went out and let everyone else get in line, so I had the girls go over and get in line while I got the popcorn...) so we weren't too far back.

Of course it was crowded, and there were some teens behind us with trashy mouths, which I understand, some people are like that, but I did not appreciate them being so (very loudly) in front of little children. So I put my fingers in my ears and (very loudly) told Cassie to do the same, since there were people who did not know how to control their trash mouths around here. hehe They actually didn't have the "F" word come out of their mouths every other minute after that, so I was glad they cared enough to respect others a bit, anyway. :)

Oh, and when we finally got to sit, there was a boy, I would say he was about 15, sitting beside of Kela, and he spoke to her, and she was in giggle heaven! haha

It was fun :) We all had a blast.

I was really happier with Gambon this film than I had been previously. I may cry when he "dies" next film, after all. :-p


  1. We saw it this afternoon! I wanna see it again! Despite the parts they changed and left out, it was a good movie! That MOM scene was really crazy (for lack of a better word).

    I liked the kiss scene too. I cried again when Sirius died. So much going on....

  2. Toby is off to see it tomorrow :) I still haven't seen ANY of the movies start to finish.

  3. I guess I'm really going to have to get with it to read the books. I know I'm missing so much! Do you think it's on a 8 year olds reading level? I think he tested at 4th grade 1st semester level. So I wouldn't think he would have a problem since its a children's book. We've been reading the Hobbit and he's kinda gotten bored with it just because of the length I think.
    And I'll stop rambling..hehe
    Jean aka Flava

  4. Gryphon is Harry obsessed but we've only read the first 2 books. We are planning on going to a book release party at our local book store, but I wonder if we'll hear spoilers since everyone seems to be caught up but us. Glad you enjoyed the movie, bummer about the loud teens.

  5. I haven't yet seen the movie; does anyone here have any opinions on whether its' just scary enough to be exciting, or too scary for a five-year-old?

  6. I think is was a good movie but yeah the books are so much better! John gets arrivated at me since he hasn't read any of the books, everytime we watch a movie Im sitting there telling him "oh they left this and that out" and
    "Oh they changed this and that" I think I confuse him more that I explain things! LOL I personally still don't like this Dumbledore. I'm not sure I ever will. I like the D.A. stuff, the Grawp meeting and Ron trying to defend Hermione, that was cute. I just can't wait until those two figure out they are in love. :) I can not wait until book 7 is out.

  7. Leah, I tried to post on your blog, but it said team members only :)

    You have Very cool artwork! (I could not draw if I WANTED to!) I hear ya about not being as thin now... *sigh* lol

    I'd say these movies would prolly be a bit too scary for a 5 year old.

    Has he watched any of the first ones? If he has, I really don't think this one is as scary as the first two! The first one had Lord V. coming out the back of another man's head, and the second one had a huge snake Harry had to fight. Now, those two scared my (then) 6 and 8 year old.

    HTH :)Thanks for posting on my blog! :)

  8. Thanks for your opinion and comment :). I had a nasty experience with some rude comments on another blog, so I prefer not to allow comments for now. My son saw the first two and only was bothered by the Voldemort part in the first one. The snake didn't really faze him; I assured him Harry would get rid of it and he was okay with it. I thought the snake would be scarier than Voldemort so that surprised me a bit.

  9. Yea, everyone is different! I thought those first two were the scariest, personally.

    I'd say he would like the rest of them if he liked the first two :)

    I bet he would LOVE the books :) My oldest two (12 and 10 years old) are as big as fans as me. Now my third, she likes the movies, ok... but the books she has not got into yet. She is 7 years old. Maybe someday she'll like them as well as me, who knows?

    Like I said, everyone is different ;)

  10. I was teary-eyed many times during the movie. I don't suppose I could chalk it up to it being "that time", could I? Heck, I'm tearing up just thinking about it all! And now here I have to wait and worry about what JK Rowling has done in the last book. Please, a happy ending!!