Friday, July 06, 2007

Bureaucracy and Red Tape, indeed.

Is it not a funny thing how the government does not comply with its own rules?

For instance:

Remember I told you I will not be receiving Kela's test scores until August? I see very little that I can do about the matter, either. I already asked if there was any way I could possibly get them sooner, and was told NO.


The other day, I received in the mail a bright purple slip of paper that said something to the effect:

You have not sent us your homeschooled child's portfolio or test scores! These were due Yesterday, June 30. Please be advised to send us the required information as soon as possible.

This is from the EXACT SAME OFFICE, which told me just two weeks ago (and also a week or two before that, because I was worried precisely about just this type of problem, and called about it several times) that there was no way for me to get the test scores before August. I did not specifically ask if there would be any .... let's call them - penalties - on me .... from this situation.


I called them, yet again. I asked the girl just exactly what was I supposed to do when THEY have my child's test scores, and yet they are sending ME reminders to give the scores to them!

She had no clue what to say.

But she said she'd call me back. This was Monday. Have I heard form her? Ask me if I have heard from her.


But, day before yesterday was Independence Day, to be fair.

Anyway. I am hoping this will not affect my plans to homeschool them all three this upcoming year. Hopefully the gov't are not going to be pains about this situation, which is obviously the result of much Bureaucracy and Red Tape, rather than any negligence on my part. But honestly? When was the last time that mattered to the government?

(Like for instance last year when they - as in the government- had the wrong vehicles on my personal property tax statement. I had to spend about 4 hours at the County Clerk's office to resolve that one! The lady was at first very adamant that we'd filled out the paperwork incorrectly, but after she FINALLY found the paperwork and saw that Kevin had indeed filled it out right, she was very humbled and apologetic and very helpful from that point on. We eventually resolved it and paid for the correct vehicles :))



  1. Grrr... don't you hate dealing with incompetence? :(

  2. Glad to see that useless Govt departments is a global problem !