Thursday, June 14, 2007




Tomorrow I get my gall bladder removed. If I am in the lucky 85% it will mean that I am no longer going to be forced to live on yogurt and Dr. Pepper.

Yes, you read that right. Yogurt and Dr. Pepper. Nice diet, huh?

I have lost a total of 18 pounds. I do not recommend losing 22 pounds in 2 weeks because you cannot even get out of bed. That is what I did. After the doctor put me on that medicine, I was able to be up and about and gradually got my strength back, although, honestly I still don't feel all that strong... But anywho, after I started eating again I gained back like 7 or 8 pounds. But after that I started losing again. Is that weird or what? I think I gained water weight back. And then I started losing again because my diet mainly consisted of yogurt. I just figured out the Dr. Pepper doesn't make me feel like death warmed over, the way water and anything with ice in it does, a few days ago.

So TOMORROW I hope to get my life back. Although I am going to try to keep the eating to a minimum, because I like this being able to fit into my clothes again ;)

One thing Kevin has promised me: To take me to Olive Garden.

We usually go out to eat for our anniversary (We celebrated 14 years on the 5th, the day he was barely talking to me because Kela and I forgot to dry his pants. Picky isn't he? :-p ALL his work jeans were soaking wet, and he had to wear his good church pants to work...he was pretty much wishing he'd never met me...) but since I cannot eat much of anything without taking to my bed in pain and dire sickness, we did not. :(

So he said as soon as I am able, we are going to Olive Garden.

OH! And I just found out my uncle and cousin are coming in from Florida, and so Mommy is having a sort of reunion on Monday!! Guess what that means?! I should be able to EAT at this reunion!!! WOOHOO!

We had a reunion and a surprise wedding shower last Saturday for my best cousin, and I ate: one hot roll.
And got sick.

I like to eat, peoples! THIS IS KILLING ME! :-p

So I was totally excited that I get another chance to EAT reunion food. :)

It is the little things that make me happy after all ;)


  1. Oh, good luck with that! I hope you get some relief. GAH! I have a slew of gastro-intestinal issues, and I know how miserable they can be.

  2. I'll pray for a successful surgery and quick recovery.

  3. Oh My you poor dear...
    I'll pray that the surgery goes well and you'll be eating at the Olive Garden and the Reunion!!!

  4. Oh, you'll feel so much better. I was miserable before I had mine out. The surgery was "hard" I thought at the time, but that was pre-kids. It was a BREEZE lol.

  5. just be careful...once I had my gallbladder out I thought "no worries"....not be wise, but enjoy!!

  6. My thoughts will be with you tomorrow. Enjoy your Olive Garden are they going to let you eat that kind of food right out of surgery? Nothing wrong with a diet of D.P. and yogurt. :)

  7. Best wishes for the surgery and a quick recovery, and I hope you have a FANTASTIC meal at Olive Garden :)