Thursday, June 21, 2007

So there's nothin' like a little internet fantasizing, huh?

You will notice I now have a "meez" doll over there on the right. >>>

Ain't she cute? And she sorta looks like me, if you squint your eyes all up and turn your head side ways ;)

But her outfit is cute, and looks almost just like what I had on yesterday, except I don't have any shirts with "L" on them.... And I do hope it doesn't stand for something, you know, trashy, or anything...

But anyhow, I enjoyed making her all up :)

Picnic anyone?!?!?!?


I just had to tell you that my nearly 12 year old just squinted and turned her head sideways to look at my meez doll and she goes-


hahahahahaha I love kids!


  1. Well of course she looks like you. You created her in your own image. :)

  2. She's not as lovely as you, but she is cute :)