Saturday, June 23, 2007

Paula is now a Mrs. !

The Wedding was so wonderful!

The ceremony itself was just beautiful. Tim, their preacher, expressed himself so well, it was just LOVELY!

I cried.


I burst into (painful, because of my surgical challenges) uncontrollable laughter at Patience. Patience is my cousin Laura's daughter, Paula's niece. She was junior bridesmaid and looked ADORABLE-ICIOUS with her little Shirley Temple hair and her sweet white and periwinkle ribboned dress and beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers.

Well, Patience, who is 7, was standing there doing her job marvelously, holding Paula's bouquet for her, looking beautiful, standing in front of the crowd...she was just doing wonderful! Then the wind blew. And blew over the two HUGE vases of fake flowers beside of Patience!!

You should have SEEN HER FACE!! Hahahahahaha! It was CLASSIC! She was first like looking around at people like - "I didn't do it!" Then, she was like "Now what do I do with these vases of flowers that are rolling toward me?!?!"

Oh, it was awesome :)

So the rest of the wedding was just fabulous too. Beforehand, I and Marcia helped Paula and Linda get ready. The wedding dress laced up the back, and I got the honors of doing it :) Her hair looked gorgeous, all in long curls and flowers in the back. I hope to get some pics from my mom soon, and I will post them.

The reception was fun, too. It was COLD under that pavilion! I was freezing. But I am glad we decided to change into our everyday clothes for that part. Much comfier :)

Right when Marcia and Barb Lucas and I were pulling up to the pavilion where the reception was being held, a huge gust of wind picked up all the table cloths and on the very back table, all the glass candy dishes (with mints in them) and the glass candle holders (with water in them) flew off the table in a HUGE CRASH!

It was actually kinda scary, everyone went running! We set kids all around on each of the tables to sit on them (well, you know with mine and Randall's and a couple others we had about 8 kids to spare;) ), so the wind would not damage the rest of the decorations.

Paula handled the stresses weddings naturally bring very well. She was really kinda upset about the cake at first, because my mom made it, and she just does not have the tools to make those extra smooth cakes, which is what Paula wanted. But it turned out GAWGEOUS, regardless - because my mom just makes awesome cakes, so Paula was easily consoled with the wonderful goodness that was her wedding cake! :) And her new father in law had THREE HUGE PIECES and every time he came back to get another, he complimented Mommy (who also served the cake) on the taste and beauty of the wedding cake :) :) :)

So it was fun :)

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  1. Awww... Congrats to the happy couple, it sounds like you all had a great day :)