Saturday, June 23, 2007

Kela is 12!

I am not kidding you! She is 12 already! I am diggin' up some pics here in a bit to show you how she's grown ;)

May I just burst into tears now?

I cannot believe my little Kela is 12!

She is lovin' it, though :) She wears a size bigger shoe than me now, and brags about it to anyone who'll listen too! :) Well, Paula has decided it is time for Kela to start wearing heels. Her old ones! Plus some she just gave her for her birthday (she gave them and a REALLY cute little yellow shirt to Kela yesterday on her own wedding day, what a sweetheart, huh?).

Of course Kela ate all that up, with the high heels thing. She loves them. I would have wished for her not to wear them til she was, well you know, out of my house and age 25 or so.... But oh well :-p

My sister gave her an eyeliner pencil. Which Kevin freaked over. But I calmed him down when I told him I had planned on buying her one anyway to see if she could apply her medicine with it for that Alopecia Areata that made her eyebrow/eyelash-less. She has eyebrows now, most of the time, because of that medicine, but she tried to apply it to her lashes, and it got into her eye. So we will see if this works :)

Her friend Joy came down with us from Paula's wedding, to stay a week, so of course Little Miss Socialite Kela is in hog heaven :)

We are having a her a little family thing at my mom's tomorrow with Kevin's parents and Grandma and a few others. :)

I just cannot believe she is 12. Twelve years old. I remember when I was 12!!!!!


  1. Sounds like you've had a busy weekend. Happy 12th to your daughter!

  2. Mine are now 11 and 13 so I'm right there with you girlie! Big hugs to you. The kids grow up too darn fast!

  3. Happy birthday Kela ! And hugs for Mommy...I know *just* how it feels :(