Thursday, June 28, 2007

I converse with Kevin every now and then! :)

I am taking a page out of Kathy Jo's book, and posting a conversation. :)

First a bit of back log info so you get it (Well I hope you will. Kevin is pretty funny, but pretty subtle about it!)....

Kevin took me to Olive Garden the other night for our anniversary. Our anniversary date is usually to Olive Garden :) Cuz I love it so much. Our anniversary is on June 5th, but I was sick. And remember? He promised to take me as soon as I could handle it! Ain't he good to me?!


We've had several conversations lately about how young women "dress" up nowadays, because there were some girls at Paula's wedding that were "dressed" up in a very modern way. Call me old fashioned, but I do not approve of the way young girls "dress" up nowadays. Btw, if you do not get why there are quotes around the word "dress" then you may not get the joke, or why I said what I said, at least!

Well, we happened to spot some very "dressed" up girls at Olive Garden and the following conversation occurred between us, which I hope you see the humor in. I, myself, about died laughing. Right there in my Olive Garden booth ;)

Me: Did I miss the memo that said Boobs are no longer Private Parts????

Kevin: Yea, I sent you that memo.


MEN! :-p


  1. That sounds like something my hubby would say..he always claims to say "their" his. :)

  2. Snorrrrrrrrt. Sounds like my hubs. Guess it's a "man thang".