Monday, May 28, 2007

Soup beans and cornbread

My grandma's medicine is helping her feel like eating again. She mentioned yesterday that she thought brown beans and cornbread sounded good. So Mommy made her some today :)

She made the cornbread with buttermilk and in the iron skillet, just how Grandma likes it.

I broke down in church yesterday morning. Had to run to the bathroom to have my cry.

She had told Dave B., one of our elders who was visiting her, that she would not see him in church anymore. And when I sat down yesterday morning, the first thing my eye fell on was her green and yellow afghan she'd bought at a yard sale. She leaves it in her seat, because she is always freezing. My mom had told me Saturday night about what she said to Dave.

Well, I just cried and cried. I had such a headache from crying.

I don't know what I am going to do without my grandma calling me everyday. She has always been my neighbor. And she is the best neighbor. When I had my kids, she and my mom would bring us down supper every day for at least a week.

I am so glad she taught me how to crochet. Well, she tried to teach me years ago, but I could never get the hang of it until last year when she showed me again. She had me go through her yarn and take whatever I wanted.

I came home with my van FULL of yarn. She's been buying it at yard sales and at estate auctions for a long time. I did not even take half of it. I might have taken a third of it. But she kept telling me to take however much I wanted. She is going to give the rest to other people who she knows knits or crochets.

She has pretty much got all her stuff given away to who she wants it to go to. The sentimental stuff is all reckoned out. Her stuff means a lot to her, but only because it is stuff from people she loved. I think she is actually enjoying giving it to her loved ones. :)

Well, I am sitting here crying my eyes out. Again.

So I will be off for now. I am wanting to get a picture of her notes she is leaving on her door. They say "I am asleep, come wake me up."


Here is a picture of her door notes :)

She doesn't want to miss visitors. But she is so weak she can barely get out of bed. But of course she will not let us stay with her. Although my parents, or I, or Linda (she has been coming down about twice a week, even though it is costing her an arm and a leg with gas being so high!) have been there pretty much til she goes to bed. :)


  1. Grandma sounds like such a trooper ! How great that your mom was able to make grandma just what she was wanting to eat. I am sorry that you and your family are going through this. *hugs*

  2. Awww, those signs are adorable :) Bless her.