Monday, May 21, 2007

So... I am a little excited

About Harry Potter!!!

I can wait. But i am glad it is coming. Something to look forward to :)

I am still not feeling the best. The meds the dr put me on helped me get my appetite back, but I still cannot eat certain things without getting sick. Certain things such as chocolate. hehe

My aunt says I must be the type of person who would put their hand in a box to get something I want regardless of getting shocked! LOL Because I keep eating chocolate and then getting sick.

Well, it looks so good.

And when I am not eating it, I feel fine. So how am I supposed to know I will get sick everytime I eat it?!??! haha

My dr doesnt seem to know if it is my gall bladder or not. I guess I will know more after Wednesday when I get the results of my stomach xray.

Oh well. At least I can definitely tell him chocolate makes me sick!! :-p


  1. Ooo - we're counting down the days, too. The kids and I are re-reading Order of the Phoenix before the movie comes out. None of them have made it to book six yet, though, so when my pre-ordered copy comes I don't have to share!

    I'll be praying the doc figures out what's going on.

  2. We have prepaid our copy of Harry Potter, but I don't think we'll collect it on the day of release (too much madness for me).

    That sux that CHOCOLATE makes you sick ! Maybe you need Australian chocolate...that might be better :D I hope they can figure out what's wrong with you.