Monday, March 05, 2007

My kids they are so cute, adorable, awesome, sweet and all that good stuff

They just are!

Raechel says to me this morning: MOMMMMMMYYYYYYY!! Me woke up!!

So I go to get her and I asked her if she knew how pretty she was and she says: Yes. and smiles :-p

So she walks down the hall and into the living room and says: Nobody Home Mama!! Uh!

hahaha Too cute.

I told her Kela was in her room asleep, so she immediately proceeds in to wake her up :)

Kela made banana bread and Cornflakes Delight today. (I helped a bit ;) )

She has been making sweets for the older folks of our acquaintance, or for those who she knows has had surgeries or anythng. She is so sweet.

Cassie got in the car and immediately started telling me what a great day she had. She can be so upbeat! She gets so excited when she tells you stuff, it is adorable. She is on the sing song thing kick, and will clap against the wall if Faith or Kela will not do one with her. :-p

Faithy came down to read to me a bit ago and asked if she could sign her name in cursive so she could practice :) They do not do cursive til 3rd grade but she is in first and already writes better and prettier than I do! :) :) :)

I have such a nice family :)


  1. Your girls sound so sweet! When I tell Josiah that he's handsome, he always says, "And smart, too!" :)

  2. Your girls are gorgeous :)

  3. Aww! They sound so sweet and wonderful! It's such a blessing to be a parent to these amazing little one's isn't it?

  4. You do have a nice family!! I just love your girls! And I totally plan on borrowing them as the get older! You've got to share the wealth:)