Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol

WOW! Did they step it up last night or what???

I was very impressed.

First of all, I thought even Sanjaya did well. He did one of my favorite songs ever, and he did it well. But I still did not vote for him. He is a doll, and very very cute, but he just is too young, and looks too much like Michael Jackson. Although he got away from that last night! :)

Second, I loved Melinda's hair! It looked SO MUCH BETTER! It took a change in hair to make me finally realize what I do not like about her. And that is just she looks SO OLD. I think she looks about 40 years old. But she is a fabulous singer. :)

Anyway here is a rundown:

Haley (how do you spell her name anyway?) was ok, but looked like a HOOKER. TO me she is so forgettable.

Chris R. he did better than he ever had, imo. But he was still just ... eh.

Stephanie did ok. I think she is pretty forgettable too. She reminds me of Lisa from a couple years ago (or was that last year?) who was beautiful, and a beautiful singer - but just so boring for some reason...

Now Blake: he REALLY turned on the charm and good voice last night. I thought his performance and vocals were excellent! I voted for him a bit. :)

LaKisha: I know everyone loves her, and I thought she looked GORGEOUS last night with the diamonds - WOW. But I don't know dawg, it just didn't do it for me! LOL

Phil did great too. I think he is not very good looking. But He looked good last night. And he sang a GREAT song. Loved his performance.

JORDIN SPARKS BABY! Now that's what I am talkin' about! I voted for her about 20 times. Yes I have issues.

Sanjaya see first paragraph.

Gina: I like her better now than I ever have before. But I still think she is just kind of full of herself or something. But I thought she rocked the house, personally. I love that song, though.

Chris Sligh (have to say his whole name dude! ) I thought it was a great song for him, but was not my fave Chris Sligh performance. I still voted for him a few times to keep him around of course!

Melinda: see second paragraph. Her performance was good, but I thought the song stunk, myself...

I hope Sanjaya or Gina goes home soon.

And I hope I don't have to miss it next week while I am at Myrtle Beach....

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