Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Still having trouble posting on blogger

This post has taken a long time. I hope it works finally!

Cindy inspired me to make a weight loss ticker:

I am not brave enough to put my actual weight on there, but you get the idea. :)

To all my blogger friends, I am sorry I cannot post on yourblogs still. :(


  1. I wondered where you were. Have you upgraded to the new Blogger ? I am not having any problems, I wonder why you are ?

    Good luck with your weightloss :)

  2. I think it might have something to do with upgrading to the new blogger which in my humble opinion is not much better than the old one :(

    missed seeing you!

    How is Faith doing these days? Well I hope!

  3. What a great ticker. Sorry you are still having problems with Blogger! You know when I upgraded my blogger I had many less problems. Still a few but its better!