Monday, February 12, 2007

I am not a decorator

We got our new mattress!!!! And now we are planning the decorating of our room. I would say redecorating, but..... well it was never really decorated before! For right now, the mattress and box springs are on the floor. They are king size. Kevin is going to build the actual bed to fit. He is going to make it out of maple and walnut. Maple is a light wood and walnut is a dark wood. It is going to be so beautiful! Kevin is very talented :-D

For the decor, we are going with a western (as in cowboy) motif and I am thinking of painting my walls a taupe color. I haven't decided on the exact color yet. My grandma told me today that she will help me make a king sized star quilt! *jumping up and down*

Kevin bought me two metal wall hangings when we bought the mattress for my Valentine's Day gift. I cannot take pics of them because my camera is broken, and I cannot find anything like them online ANYWHERE. So imagine a tarnished bronze shadow box with a cowboy hat and rope made of the same metal on the inside for one, and the other has a black canteen and stars. I love them :) We also have a framed picture of two golden lab puppies and one of a mare and her foal that we'd like to use.

Plus somewhere I am putting Kevin's valentine gift from me: a B&W pic of the two of us. I am having it framed, but I am waiting to see what kind of frame will look best!! *more jumping plus a bit of squealing*

I plan to get some help with this from my aunt Linda. She is the decorator, not me!


  1. Sounds awesome !! Can't wait to see pics :)

    So glad you're blogging again too.

  2. If you are looking for western decor ideas check out They have some really nice western themed items for the home!