Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow days

YAY! :)

Yesterday was wicked! (Said in my best Ron Weasley imitation. hehe)

Everyone came to church yesterday morning we had 70 people there. Well. It snowed during church. I mean it was fluttering down a bit when we walked into the building, but .. WHOA DOGGIES! There was about 3 inches or more when we were finished!


Everyone started to leave of course, driving carefully and slowly. When we left we saw Carrie and Ryan her two year old (her hubby and older son were home sick) in front of us sliding all over the road. I was so scared, because right where she was sliding there is a big ledge on the left side and a big ditch on the right. Well, Kevin was able to get up beside her and talk her through getting on up the hill. And when we made it up that knoll, here was a line of about 25 or 30 cars! Some in the ditch...because you know when you are on these hills and it is slick, and the person in front of you stops, then you just slide right on back to the ditch.

So, we were near the driveway of the old Brown place, I don't know who lives there now, but Kevin pulled in there to get us out of the way. We had Grandma in the car with us. And he went up to see if he could help; if he needed to get his truck and whatnot.

Well about 20 cars were lined up behind us for a while too, but most of them were able to turn around and go back. Most were from the Free Will Baptist church right past our church building. They always get out later than us. But they mostly went back and had dinner at their church house.

One lady was trying to get to work. I told her that we'd been there for over an hour waiting, and that 5 cars were stuck at the front on the hill, so she said she'd just go back home!

Because ya know, I couldn't stay in my car!! hehe

I had to get out to check on Carrie, cuz she was scared to pieces. I would have been too, if I'd almost went over that ledge, especially with my baby in my car! *fright*

So I kept going up to check on her. I walked up to the front on the hill to see what was going on, to see if Kevin had brought his truck, but I never made it all the way up. I got scared and had to run off the road, because just as I was topping the hill, I saw a group of all the men who were out trying to help, and the preacher had tried to get his four wheel drive truck up to the top, but starting out on the hill, he was just sliding, and O MY GOODNESS if a fella named Jeff didnt slip and nearly fall behind his truck! **YIKES**

So I ran back over the hill, cuz I was skeered. But before I did, everyone was flagging me over to their cars to tell me what was going on. So I stopped and talked with about 15 people on my way back. I had seen enough to be able to let them know it would prolly be a while.

Although I never did see Kevin or his truck, I didnt make it up far enough. And our cell phones, blast them, don't get a signal down in that ole holler.

Carrie was up a bit from us, so hers was getting a decent enough signal, and she called him for me, but obviously he was too busy to answer!

We saw my dad and Randall (my brother) walk up to mommy and daddy's house, we were parked right below it. They apparently went up to get the tractor.

My grandma's phone got a weak signal at one point and she immediately dialed 911. But they said they were too busy with all the wrecks on the interstate! Apparently two rigs wrecked onto their sides in the middle of I77!

SO anyway, we were pretty much on our own, but the guys did great. The first car, the one that started it all, was a jag! They all thought that was pretty funny.... I guess no one wanted to touch it even to help the lady driving it out, being new and fancy and all. :-p But our guys managed to get it out, and then all of the other stuck cars out too. I guess someone had run out of gas too, waiting for them to get everyone out. So someone had to take them to the gas station to get gas, and Shannan let the wife and kids in her car to stay warm!

What a lovely bunch of Real Life Heroes :) Kevin is like THE MAN in snow. He loves to play in it, and therefore, he is always able to get people out with his truck and chain! Or talk people through it when they are about to slide to their death over a STEEP ledge!

I love it when people come together to help each other in a crisis!!!!!!

And I am sooooooo glad no one got hurt!


Oh, I meant to say that I had to wear some boots that someone had just given Cassie. They were too big on her luckily. They were a bit tight on me, but much better than my church shoes! LOL Oh and Carrie loaned me some gloves. And Grandma kept telling me I was gonna get pneumonia! teehee


  1. And today it's all gone (at least it is here) *poof*

    We were home sick anyway yesterday...the snow was lovely from inside. :)

    Glad you're okay!

  2. Goodness! What a day. I'm glad you are all safe. I'm glad Kevin was able to help out.

  3. That sounds so terribly frightening! I'm glad you are all a-okay now. It's really awesome of you guys to be able to help your neighbors!

  4. I try to avoid driving in the snow whenever possible. Better safe than sorry.