Saturday, January 13, 2007


I have not even been able to log on to blogger! Talk about frustrating!

But that is not nearly as frustrating as the weekend my brother is having. My brother, you know, is the one who started the comics paper. I work for him. Well, he is losing buku bucks on this paper, because I can never seem to work consistantly to get ads. :(

Anyway, that isnt whay he is having a bad weekend, but I am sure he was already depressed over that and this other stuff is all topping it right off.

First off, they have a precarious 2 year old named Daphne. Daphne decided to eat benedryl cream last night, and get vaseline all over everything (including in her hair...this makes at least the second time she's done that) and also get into her mama's daily meds! YIKES. Luckily they found all the pills, meaning she didnt ingest any of them. Whew.

But that was just yesterday. Today Daphne pulled her baby sister off the table, and baby fell flat on the floor! Talk about scared! I think they all were. Baby is fine. But Randall, who I am sure had had enough, wasnt finished getting all that fate had to dish out.

He left to deliver his papers, the ones he is already depressed about, and guess what happened? He got rear ended. Yep, his car is crashed. Not even drivable., All his papers were in the trunk.


He is having such a rotten weekend. I only hope it gets better and not worse. He doesnt seem to be hurt. That is a positive. My dad took him to see if they could salvage any of the papers to finish delivering. I hope he can salvage some of them.

So I have had a yucky three months being sick. But Randall has had a no good, terrible, rotten, very bad weekend.


  1. Oh no, poor Randall :( I am glad that he wasn't hurt and that the baby is ok too. I hope he can salvage some of his papers and that he has a MUCH better week next week.

  2. I'm glad you are back in your blogger account.

    Wowsa, what a rotten weekend. :( I hope things get better for him. that Daphne sounds like a little pill - no pun intended!

  3. I'm glad you are back! What a horrible time Randall is having! Don't they say bad luck comes in 3's?
    sounds like he is covered now and can resume normal life again. How are you feeling? How is Faith?