Thursday, December 14, 2006

You ain't the boss of me

Everyone wants to be my boss this time of year.

Why can't they just leave me be and let me sit around feeling groggy from Dayquil, and let my house go to pot.

See this is why I hate xmas. Everyone wants to see your tree. Everyone wants you to be cheerful. Everyone wants you to clean your house so when their sister comes in from TX to see your dumb tree they won't be embarrassed.

Everyone decided you arent doing a very good job at schooling your kid. Or taking care of the other kids. Everyone says you need to be more organized. Everyone wants a present. Even though you dont have the money to pay your gas bill you have to buy everyone a stupid present.

And they have to be good presents. You dont want to feel lame when they open the dumb thing in front of the whole extended family.

Everyone wants your kids to wear the stupid velvet dresses. Everyone wants your kids to wear the stupid xmas tree socks. Everyone has to give you stuff. More stuff that you have to figure out a place for. The trash always looks good to me, but NO it was a PRESENT. You cannot throw it away for at least 5 years. :-p

I know. Bah humbug. I did warn you.

If you dont like me after this, it is ok. No one else does either.


  1. Awww. Lawanda. I'm sorry you are feeling down. I can relate. Just think of it this way, January will be here soon. :)

  2. So sorry Lawanda!

    I'm the "black sheep" in the family. But who said their way was the right way?

    Love ya dear! Sorry you are having a tough week!

  3. If EVERYONE wants stuff done, then tell them to bloody-well do it themselves !

    Bah Humbug LOL