Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What is wrong with my bah humbug self?

I truly am such a bah humbug. I despise christmas. Most of it.

I don't know how people get so excited over all the christmas stuff: decorating, shopping, cold weather, shopping, finding the right gifts, more shopping, lights. Well. The lights I enjoy, if they are in someone else's yard.....oooorrrr.....if Kevin does them all himself. LOL And the songs. Oh boy. I get SO SICK of them. Mainly because my kids start in July, I think, singing all the christmas songs. And then they come home with their christmas play songs. And for goodness sake I just want to delete the word christmas from their brains already!!

Anyway, to prove to myself I am not entirely a humbug; I am going to list 10 things I do like about the holiday season:

10. Other people's lights: in moderation :-p

9. Baking with the girls. YUM

8. Giving my kids presents. (note I did not say buying them or figuring out what to give...)

7. "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" sung by Judy Garland. (I do enjoy singing this one myself, and I love it when my kids and I sing it together!)

6. How much Kevin and the girls enjoy doing the decorating and their general enjoyment of the season together.

5. I get presents. (ok, so I am kinda greedy! I am big enough to admit it! :p)

4. The FOOD. Turkey dinners with stuffing and cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and rolls and are my absolute fave. And my Grandma makes candy. Creme Bouquet= to die for delicious.

3. Did I mention baking? Ok well... eating what we've baked together then! :)

2. Giving away what we've baked. (I mean whatever is left after we eat our share, naturally) I love that.

1. The Family. Dude, the best part of christmas is I get to hang out with my dear family. I love love love huge family get-togethers. But especially the christmastime ones. I love going to my Grandma's the best. But I also love getting together with Kevin's family too. We don't get to see Karen and PJ and Ethan enough!

So see there, I am not a TOTAL bah humbug!!



  1. I'm glad you're not a complete humbug - Christmas is my favorite time of year!

  2. I am a bit of a humbug...

    Two years ago didn't put the tree up. Last year we did because we kinda felt bad about the year before. We don't care to put the tree up this year.

    We have no money for gifts this year, and even if we did, we HATE shopping and thinking of things to give people.

    I don't like decorating because it just gives me something ELSE to tidy up.

    Toby has NEVER been excited about Christmas. We have ALWAYS had to wake him up to tell him Santa has been. He usually comes out, opens gifts, then goes back to bed *roll eyes*.

    Bah humbug LOL

  3. Kevin and the girls like the decorating, or we'd never have a tree! LOL

    I am glad I am not the only bah humbug around here!