Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tonight after church

We are leaving to go to Morgantown for Faith's MRI in the morning.

We decided to go ahead up tonight and get a hotel room so that she can sleep-in until just about the time we have to leave. Because she is so nervous. Plus she cannot have anything to eat or drink in the morning at all.

We have to be there at 8:15am. So if we get a hotel room close to the hospital, she can sleep until about 8am and then just head on over. Kevin and I are going to get some breakfast while we're waiting, so as to not eat in front of her.

It is cute, she keeps telling the girls with a sad face that she cannot eat anything tomorrow morning AT ALL. :lol

We thought about driving up in the morning, but it is a two hour drive, so we'd have to leave at about 5:30 to make sure we didnt get stuck in morning traffic and stuff. This way she can sleep in the morning and not have to worry about the MRI or worry about not being able to eat. :b

We looked into getting a room in the Ronald McDonald house, but you have to be on the waiting list way in advance, and I never thought about it soon enough. It is in the same parking lot as the hospital, which would have been extremely handy. But it is ok, we will find a place close by, and just go from there :)

Mommy is watching the other three girls, and I feel bad for her, because Raechel is on 5 meds! I took her to MedExpress Friday because she was carrying a high fever and was coughing and had such a stuffy nose. Well she has an eye infection, ear infection, and a cold. So she is on eye drops, ear drops, cough med, antibiotic, and Ibuprofen. Of course Mommy was like - We'll be fine! :toothy

And also, Kela is not feeling the greatest either, so I would say she'll be next with the cold/flu like stuff. Gah! Does winter HAVE to be frought with ickies?! Oh well, we will survive, and maybe next year I will have the forsight to put everyone on echinacea in September!! :lol

Anyway, we have the followup appointment back in Morgantown on Friday. I hope they let me know any results then. And I SO hope they can figure out what in the world is causing her to fall all over the place and forget how to spell.

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  1. Awww...poor Faithy. Good idea get a hotel room. Make sure you have a yummy treat for her for when she's done. I sure hope they can find out what is wrong.