Saturday, December 16, 2006

The news, iffy - but good.

I say iffy because we still do not know what is going on with Faith. The neurologist is stumped.

But her MRI came back completely clear!!

She is still having many problems, though.

The doctor has decided not to put her on Migraine meds, because she just does not think they are the problem.

But she does not know what it is at all. She says it is not typical of ANYthing. (I thought of you Jennifer!)

She told us to look out for signs of siezures, although she doesnt think she is having any.

She wants to see her back in three months, unless the symptoms seem to get worse and then immediately.

So we are none the wiser as to what the problem is. But the doctor sees that there really is a problem and wants to observe her. She asked me to continue logging all of her symptoms. Just anything unusual for her.

She said that since Faith is so advanced in her intelligence she cannot understand this at all. Apparently when a child starts having problems with their brains they usually start doing badly in school, and start going downhill fast.

Well Faith hasnt done that at all. She is having trouble with remembering things, and how to spell, but she is so far ahead that it is not affecting her school at all. The doctor commented on how intelligent she was about 10 times. But really she just cant see the brain being the problem at this point. Even though a problem in the brain would be the only explanation for her symptoms. And so she is stumped. She said she was sorry, but we will have to wait for the problem to get worse or something before we could figure it out.

So we are going back in March, and she is to see the opthamologist regularly too, as the doctor said that most of the time any problem in the brain cause increased pressure on the eyes almost immediately. So she is going back to him in May.

And that is where we are at. She has leg pain constantly, but the doctor said that may be totally unrelated, just growing pains. But she also keeps having these scary memory problems.

So anyway, that is my (sort of) up to the minute update.


  1. I'm glad the results came back good - I'll keep praying.

  2. I am so glad to hear that the docs are listening to you ! I hope they can figure out what it is real soon :) HUGS

  3. Gosh! I'm sure this brings mixed feelings for you. Glad her MRI is clear. Still praying for improvement!