Saturday, December 09, 2006

New hair!

Kela and I had a girls day out :) We went and got our hair done together! While we were in the hair dressers, the Parade came by, so instead of being bored waiting for my hair to get done, Kela actually got to watch the parade :)

She got nearly 13 inches cut off her hair and donated it to Locks of Love. This is her third time donating! She donated 12 inches when she was 6, she donated a whoppin' 17 inches when she was 9 and now (a mere two years later, can you believe how fast this girl's hair grows?!?!) at age 11, she has donated again! :)

The way this sort of tradition in our family to donate our hair came about was because I saw the "Locks of Love" site on the internet, and decided to donate my hair a few years back. And Kela was SO EXCITED because she immediately wanted to donate hers as well. But we made her wait til her 6th birthday, and that was part of her gift - to donate her hair to another person. And then of course when Cassie turned 6 she was so excited to donate hers as well! And then Faith turned 6 and was so excited because it was HER TURN to donate her hair! :) Now I have donated mine twice, and so has Cassie, and Faith has done it once.

You have to have at least 10 inches of hair for it to work. And the hair has to be in a ponytail or braid. It takes about six ponytails to make one wig. So my kids have donated an entire wig between them :)

I took some pics, but our camera is still screwy so I think they are lost now :( But we took some pics of Kela the other day with Mommy's camera, so we may take some more now so that we will have at least befores and afters, just no durings. :-p


  1. That is so very cool. I think it is so wonderful that you've taught your kids the wonderful meaning of giving to others. You should be very proud!

    I can't wait to see a pic of the new "do's"!

  2. That's a wonderful tradition. I had no idea it took that much hair to make a wig! My hair is down to my butt and I keep thinking I should donate it too, if I ever cut it. I wonder if they pick all the grey hairs out? LOL

  3. I think it is pretty cool, myself :) I am sure people get tired of hearing me brag about how sweet my kids are LOL :-p

    Sarah, you should donate! I had a few gray hairs in mine the first time. As long as it isnt major, it is ok. :) Mine was down to my butt too. Then the second time I did, it was really curly from a perm (yikes!LOL)

    Does you hair grow fast? Mine used to til I started coloring it three years ago when I got pregnant for Raechel. Now it is rather sluggish like it used to be before I had kids :(

  4. I love that you guys donate your hair, and I love that the angels WANT to do it :)