Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A little more on little Raechel

Have I mentioned how smart she is? (biased mommy LOL!)

She IS!

She says today,

Mommy, me medicine, me nose is ucky.


And she knows everything that is going on. I guess I forgot how fast is the transition from not really knowing what is being talked about to KNOWING. It seems overnight, but obviously it wasnt.

She adores the christmas lights. When we are in the car at night she gets so excited and tells the girls where to look for the best ones. She yells:


And when there aren't any to be seen she says:

Sorry, lights all gone now.


When I stop at a stop light, speaking of driving, she always goes:

Oh. Mommy! Drive!

And I have been trying to explain to her that you have to stop or you will hit the car in front of you. And she says:



She is just a doll.

I am working on getting more video of her, so you can laugh at her too ;)