Monday, December 11, 2006

Exhausting Day

Well, we stayed in the EconoLodge last night. They gave us a $10 discount since Faith was going to be in the hospital today. It was a normal motel room, two beds, tv, bathroom...etc. We got there at midnight because we stopped to visit some friends on the way (the ones we stayed the night with last time we did the overnight thing for the early appointment) and also went out to eat at Denny's. None of us could finish our meals... me because there was just so much food in the blueberry stuffed pancake meal! Who knew there would be 2 eggs (scrambled) 2 slices bacon, 2 sausage links, a ton of hash browned potatoes PLUS the big ole fat plate-sized pancake overflowing with yummmmmmy blueberry compote?! Sheesh. I mean even I couldnt eat it all! Faith was too nervous to eat, and Kevin's meal came with even more food than mine. So... we none of us finished our food. Quite uncommon for folks with our history. :-p

Anyway, we got to the motel room at about midnight, Faith was already asleep, so we tucked her in her bed and dropped into ours. I fell right to sleep because I took some Nyquil as I am coming down with a cold and knew I'd be coughing my head off otherwise.

So we woke up at 8am, put our clothes on, woke Faithy up and made it to the Hospital by 8:15, when we were supposed to be there. (YAY for us, we are usually "always late")

They took her back at 10am and gave her some medicine that made her goofy. The poor child. It made me cry. She was falling around and looking at us like we were aliens and swatting at nonexisting gnats. :( Anyway, shortly after that they took her back and put her under the anesthesia and then took her to the MRI.

About noon, one of the nice ladies (they were ALL super sweet to us!!) came out and said that Faithy was fine, but they were having trouble with their machine and had called tech support who had told them to - get this - REBOOT. hahahaha Sorry, but I thought that was hilarious. Of course, I was fraught with worry at the time, and giggling is my defense mechanism for everything it seems, but anyhow...She said that after they restarted the machine they would attempt to get her pictures and let us know what happened. About a half hour later (these times may be messed up, if Kevin corrects me, I'll let ya know) the lady came back and said they were getting all the pics they needed. YAY

So then at 1:30 (I think) they let us come back and try to help wake her up. she was hard to wake up. This did not surprise us. She ALWAYS IS. Waking up is not her favorite thing to do. One of the more unfortunate traits she inherited from her mama, I am afraid.

Well, we kept trying to get her to wake up, and quite honestly that part was a bit blurry to me, but I do know that she said several times, "Did they do my MRI? I think I fell asleep."


Anyhow, she said several other VERY sweet adorable cute things, but like I said, it is a blur to me right now.

She was a bit wobbly on her feet for most of the afternoon, as well. We stopped at a gas station because she suddenly got the urge to go... not surprising either, because they told us to get her to drink as much as possible to get the meds to go through her and get out of her system... so we veered off the Interstate like the Bandit when she said she had to go and started wiggling around and holding herself say "I gotta GO!!" :) She was still so wobbly! and when she and I got out of the car she FELL onto the concrete. On her hands and knees. Right in front of me. Bad mama award for the millennium anyone? So I pulled her poor little self off the concrete and she said she was ok. And she looked ok. And thankfully she was ok. I wasn't. Mostly due to the daggered looks I was receiving from the pilot. :-p

We all three recovered quite nicely over hotdogs and burgers and ice cream from DQ, however. :)

I am very very tired now. When we went down to Mommy's to get the girls, they were decorating her xmas tree and so we had to wait. I sat on the couch leaning on Kevin, and fell asleep in between the people asking me stuff and the people jumping on me. (Raechel was the only one who jumped on me thank goodness!)

And Kevin went to bed as soon as we got home, but I had to wait up with the children, because it was like 6:30, and they protested very loudly that they did NOT want to go to bed at that awful hour! The crazies. So I put them to bed a few minutes ago and now I am off to bed myself.

OH. One more thing: We should know the results of the MR scan when we go BACK to Morgantown on Friday for her follow up appointment with the Neurologist. I say should, because in my experience with doctors, they have this way of not doing what I think is logical and proper. So hopefully they will tell us the results, and hopefully the results will tell them what is wrong with Faithy.

Have I already said (?) that I have very strong doubt that migraines will cause a person to forget how to spell something they have known how to spell for at least a year. And so I am extremely skeptical of the problem being migraines. But if they decide they cannot figure anything else out, then I suppose we will try whatever they suggest for migraines.....


Good night.


  1. Whew - sounds like an exhausting trip! I'm glad they were able to get the images they needed, and I'll keep praying for a diagnosis and treatment.

    When Natalie had her tonsils out, and I was "helping" the nurses wake her up from anesthesia, she kept saying, "I don't want to have my tonsils out; I changed my mind." She didn't realize it was already done!

  2. Poor Faith. It is so hard to come out of that medicine. I am an adult and have a hard time just like her. :(