Friday, December 22, 2006

Cinder - ella Dressed in Yella

My kids are jumping rope right now. They are so cute. I used to love doing those jump rope songs. And the hand clapping ones too. Do you remember doing those as a kid?! Wasn't that fun?

So Raechel has been wishing (some) people a "Merry Chriffy" LOL She is so cute.

I ran a red light today and I tell you what... I shook for a good twenty minutes. Nobody hit me or anything, but if we were one lane over someone very well could have!! Luckily for me they were watching.

UGH. I hate it when I make could-be-nearly-fatal-mistakes. Just UGH.

We met Kevin's coworker Dow today. He seems pretty nice. Kevin said he looked like our neighbor, but I didn't see it til I talked with him. It isn't so much he looks like him, but he acts a lot like him. It was kinda weird how they act so much alike, but I know they have never ever met!

Anyway. We ate lunch with Daddy, went to Anne's, gave her her gift, had Ham for supper - which was a gift from Kevin's boss (our preacher). It was YUMMY. :)

I always think of my Grandma Vanfossen when we eat ham. Grandma Vanfossen always loved ham. And tea. I just remember she would bake a ham and make a huge bowl of tea and pretty much be set to go :) I really miss her. Especially around Christmastime. *sniff* I think I must have got her genes. I am a messy housekeeper - she wasn't a neat freak either; I am very weepy - she cried a lot too; she loved babies and kids - I do too. She had 6 kids. I want 6 kids. I even resemble her physically. I should try and find a pic and scan it in to show you.

:) It is nice to think I resemble her. I loved her a lot, she was a very sweet person.

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  1. I am SO glad you didn't have an accident today. Stay safe my friend :)