Monday, June 06, 2005

Hospitals and doctors and insurance companies, OH MY!

SUCH a day.

Wow, where do I start on my day. Well lets start at last night. I was up with Cassie about half the night, because her ear hurt. It was severe pain. I thought about trying to take her to the ER, but it finally eased up and she got some sleep after around 4 am.

So, this morning after I dropped Kela off at school, I drug the other three girls down to St. Joe's Hospital to take Cass to the dr. Well that parking lot is atrocious, they have valet parking, but the valet parking was closed. We did get a relatively decent parking place, though as it was only about 8:30am, so I was not stressing about it (at that time)...

Well, we went up to the dr's office and walked in and the lady at the front desk rolled her eyes when she saw us come in! So I was thinking "What in the world?" I said to her, "We don't have an appointment, but my daughter is in lots of pain, but we will wait until Dr. Berhane has time to see her." She rolled her eyes again! And she said, "You should take her to the ER since we don't take anyone until 9, but since we dont have anyone right now, I can go ahead and start her paper work." I handed her my insurance card...then she remembered our situation (I'll explain that in just a sec) and she said, "She won't see her until you have paid on your bill."


Just so happened that I did not have my checkbook with me. *grrrrr*

Ok, "our situation" is that our insurance got messed up for all of Raechel's bills last year, and none of it has been paid by the insurance. Now the insurance blames the dr office, and the dr office blames the insurance. At any rate, she had told me the same thing last time I took Raechel in too, so I had paid $200 on it at that time. And I had called the insurance, and the dr office at that time, and I thought it had been resolved. I was wrong.

So I told her I did not have my checkbook with me, and I said to her (because quite frankly I was very disgusted with her attitude and the situation), "So I guess you want me to take her down to the ER, then, huh." And so I just left.

She still had my insurance card and she came running after me a minute later with it. I pretty much scowled and said pretty sarcastically for me, "Oh yea thank you, lot a good its doing me."

Anyhow, I went home and called my insurance company and pretty much yelled at the lady and told her I wanted this resolved before I got off the phone with her. Of course she said that it wouldnt be likely as it can take upwards of a week to get a claim processed. Well, I told her I wanted to hear that she had spoken with the dr office and reassured them that if they did the claims right (they were claiming that the dr office didnt give the correct numbers) that the issue would be solved. So she called them and then told me to call them. She said a couple of times that this wasnt their fault, and I said to her (I am tellin ya, I am not usually this outspoken), "IT IS NOT CASSIE'S FAULT EITHER!! AND SHE IS SITTING HER CRYING IN SEVERE PAIN BECAUSE HER DR WOULDNT SEE HER TODAY!!!" Yes I was pretty upset. This is afterall, the THIRD time I have called and spoken with them and been told it was taken care of by them.

So anyway, she said to call the dr office and make sure to talk with the guy who was handling the situationa and his superviser, so I called the dr office. Took me about 20 minutes to get through (normal) and when I did, the front desk lady (miss rude) said, "oh is this Cassandra kress's mom?" and she gave me the guy I needed to talk to and he said he was submitting them just as the lady had said, and it should be resolved, and this wasnt their fault. OOOOH! SO I broke loose and yelled at him pretty much the same thing I told the other lady, that it wasnt poor Cassie's fault and she was laying here crying in so much pain from her he asked if she needed to come in and I said, "Oh maybe I better make an appointment!" He said, no I could bring her in today, and said anytime. So I said, "Well I am coming now, then because she is in severe pain."

So then I went back, valet parking still closed....NOW I got a bit upset at the parking situation, because we had to park way out in egypt and walk. I really wasnt too upset about that though. I need the exercise! :-p Cassie didnt though :(

Anyhow anyhow...I went back in the office got my checkbook out, told the lady I remembered it this time so I can pay...she said, "We'll worry about it after she sees her, not now." !!! I'd guess she got in trouble. I hope she did, even though that is mean. But really, she is always saying stuff like that to me, like I don't pay my bill or something. I always pay my bill. So I do not understand her attitude toward me at all. And I think she should have got in trouble for saying that.

Ok, well the dr saw Cassie, whose eardrum had burst on the way up from the parking lot! She said that would relieve some of the pain, for which I was glad, but I was a little upset that she hadnt got to see the dr earlier, and I told her so. She of course was really nice, I really love Dr Berhane, just not her office staff. But, I was calling other dr's today and none were taking new patients, so I was stuck anyhow. So I was glad Dr Berhane talked to me.

That was my lovely morning. I had lots of other stuff to do today, and of course none of it got done. *shaking head*

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. :-p

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