Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Applebutter Day

We used to only make applebutter in apple harvesting season, which is Autumn. Very nice time of year for the open fire and stirring of the huge twenty gallon kettle-ful of the stuff.

Ninety degrees in the shade kind of days are not so nice for stirring all day.

We managed to do it without anyone getting heat stroke though. Grandma takes pretty good care of people. :)

We had to make a kettle of it so we can sell it at her annual 4th-of-July yard sale. Another fun and back-breaking event. And this year it is just me and Linda and Ed and Mazie. Aye yai yai. I am gonna die.

Ok, I won't panic yet. It's just that a whole weekend of the yard sale with Grandma in charge is a little scary. She is a work-aholic, I am tellin ya. the woman is 83 years old and does NOT sit, unless she is crocheting, of course. But that is a wintertime sport, along with quiltmaking. She is superwoman. And she makes everyone around her step double time. No joke. And I am lazy! Lazy I tell you!!!! I just do not know how on Earth I am going to keep up with her, is all. *wimper*

Well, I am leaving tomorrow to go visit my Scrappy friends from ScrapChat in Nashville, TN. I cannot wait!!! WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!

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