Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tatty and tired

I feel so worn out and tatty. My hair is my main problem with myself today. Or rather what to do with it. The ends are so broken to pieces. It is causing major self image concerns.

(I know, arent I so shallow?)

I am trying to decide if I should get it colored before I leave for the I would look SO MUCH BETTER in all the pics; con: the combo of chemicals, chlorine and salt sea may just be the death of my poor tattered hair!

Poor Kevin. I dont think he ever pictured himself dealing with an emotionally unstable wife :-p I called him today just to talk for a minute, because I am so weepy.

This is what comes from staying up til all hours!

(BTW, Angie, if you read this...I was up til 3!! And my yahoo im is joybirds5, though I've never use it! LOL)


  1. I say dye it.. have fun with it. Mine is in need of a trim and color too!

  2. Not that you care, but I had a particularly good hair day today. No husband to flip it around for though :(

    You should turn on Yahoo more often! I'm all ALL DAY (and night)

  3. (I do care!) :) I love good hair days! Shame Justin wasnt there though...always better with someone around to see it!