Monday, May 16, 2005

So I am listening to Froggy 99 all day today trying to be the tenth caller when I hear the cue to call for Fanfare. I am gonna be in Nashville then anyhow, it would be so cool to get to go to Fanfare free!

The beach was a blast. I wanna live there. As soon as we left I wanted to go back. I had such a nice relaxing time. Although, I do think if I ever get to go back, I may just go by myself. Just me. It will have to be when my kids get older, but that's fine. I know I'd have more fun and be more relaxed by myself.

So our Gospel Meeting is this week, which means that my poor kids who haven't got recouped yet from the long trip home Saturday will have to be up late every night. Poor kids. Kela has Westests this week too. I can't wait til I can homeschool again. I am planning on sending all three of my older girls next year and then the next year I will be homeschooling at least Kela and maybe Cassie too.

I am going to try to post a pic of the girls at the beach. They loved it. By the second day even Faith (who is a little scaredy cat) was playing in the ocean and loving the waves. :)

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