Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I have a sickie today. Cassie got strep throat. Kela had it... what? two weeks ago? So now it is Cassie's turn I guess.

She is eligible for the gifted program. She has a very high IQ. This is not news to me. But it is nice to hear someone else tell you how smart and sweet your kid is! :)

I went to her eligibility meeting and to ww this morning (I lost another pound! WOOHOO!) and my parents came up to stay with the kids.

Of course when I got back, my house was totally cleaned up. My dad swept the floors and my mom cleaned up the kitchen! This is not the first time they have done this. My mom is incapable of seeing a mess without cleaning it up. This is why I dont let her in my house very much ;) hehehe

It is very nice to look at a nice clean house, and not have to worry about it. I felt bad that they took all that trouble, but Mommy said, "It didnt hurt us to give you a hand." Wasn't that the sweetest? Made me feel better. I can't seem to get anything done myself. Even when I am not on the computer!

Ok, so enough boringness!

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