Monday, May 16, 2005

Plans and schemes for my bathroom!

So I am redoing my bathroom soon. My aunt Linda bought me some stuff from walmart. Our walmart didnt have it! I am planning on doing frogs. Yes frogs. They are cute! And these particular frogs fit with my new color scheme of green and yellow! :D

I am hoping to get the paint next week and have Kevin get the drywall around the tub and the holes in the wall fixed. The holes are from the old towel holder and the door handle. It is sad, to have such a worn look to a not very old house. We are rough on it, I guess.

Anyhow, I am painting the walls light green. My new towels are dark green and light yellow. The frogs have a yellow lily and they are green and blue.

Linda bought the shower curtain, trash can, and soap dispenser..and maybe even the toothbrush holder. I am thinking of foregoing the curtain and maybe going with a dark green one if I could find the right shade...but I would have to look at it first to decide. I think she is bringing them in next time she comes down.

So hopefully in a few weeks I will have a new bathroom!!

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